Professional Services


Power Bus Way engineers and designers have the knowledge and experience to provide detailed cable bus quotations quickly and accurately.

Field measurements

Our field measurement team is an important part of our cost-saving process. They ensure that as our design and cable bus installation moves forward quickly, and all measurements are accurate providing solutions in advance to any foreseeable challenges. Field measurements are performed by our expert field technicians in order to ensure accurate layout drawings. These drawings eliminate costly and time-consuming mistakes as we move forward with your project.

Fast Manufacturing & Delivery

Upon receipt of approved drawings, an order is immediately released to our production team. This ensures the timely delivery of your materials so installation can begin as quickly as possible.

Essentially our manufacturing and deliver process focuses on accuracy and speed: fast on-site response, fast drawings, fast manufacturing = Fast Delivery

Emergency Response

Power Bus Way is known for our ability to react quickly in emergency situations, often providing a permanent resolution to problems within days. Custom accessories such as termination boxes, transition boxes, bus bar punching and bending, custom splitters and supports are manufactured in-house and can be provided quickly as part of your turnkey solution.

Cable Bus Installation Instructions

Our step by step demonstration video provides contractors with easy to follow guidelines for installation. Overall we design and manufacture our cable bus systems so they save you time and money when it comes to the installation process. When we design your cable bus system, we will support the installation process and ensure it goes smoothly from initiation until completion.

Detailed installation manual and drawings are provided with every project. These additional benefits are time-saving features that are unique to Power Bus Way. We include professional and easy-to-follow installation manuals and drawings with every job that leaves our factory.