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Our reps are the best in the business and well positioned to provide you the best service. For any regions not covered by our rep network, please contact Power Bus Way.

Power Bus Way
Northeast Marketing Group LLC

Serving: Maine, Vermont, Conneticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire & Upstate New York

CSA Electrical Sales Inc.

Serving: Florida (except panhandle)

Mercer Sales

Serving:  Wisconsin & Upper peninsula of Michigan

Charlton & Connolly Inc.

Serving: Newfoundland & Labrador, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick & Nova Scotia

BTA Agent Manufacturer

Serving: Quebec

Powerco Canada

Serving: British Columbia, Alberta, Saksatchewan

BLH Reps Serving: Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, North Mississippi, Florida (Panhandle)
Myers and Associates Electrical Sales Inc. Serving: Oklahoma, Arkansas
Bob Mitchell Sales Serving: Iowa, Nebraska
Pinnacle Power Sales

Serving: Lousiana, East Texas (including Houston)

2M Electrical

Serving: Texas (West, Central, North, South)

Lasalle Reps

Serving: New York City and surrounding suburbs, New Jersey

Hasselbach & Associates

Serving: Kentucky

Fields Electrical Sales Inc.

Serving: Ohio, West Virginia, Lower Michigan, West Pennsylvania

Electric Sales Unlimited

Serving: California, Nevada, Arizona

Watson Sales Co.

Serving: North Carolina, South Carolina