Engineering & Design

Custom Design & Build

Our engineering team will design a custom cable bus solution to meet your project needs. Our ability to work with clients in difficult situations results in practical solutions with cost-effective, functional, and reliable cable bus and bus bar systems.

Power Bus Way’s engineers can assist with and oversee your complete cable bus installation. This ensures that our product meets or exceeds your expectations. We work diligently together with you right from our initial quotation until the systems are in place and have been fully tested and commissioned.

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Custom fittings & solutions

We manufacture all our products in-house. As a result we have the unique ability to fabricate custom parts within days not weeks! This means that if we’re in the middle of your installation and we need a customized part we can have it ready in no time at all.

Our ability to manufacture all of our parts in-house is just another way we strive to serve you better, and save you money by avoiding extended installation and construction costs.

3D modelling & design

All of our custom designs are generated in 3D, which allows our customers to digitally preview their custom engineered system prior to production. As a result your installation time is drastically reduced when compared to other installation models. Our 3D modelling also allows us to avoid many potential issues that other companies won’t prepare for or avoid in advance on installation.

Our designs are compatible with Building Information Modeling (BIM) software, and can easily be shared with clients.