From data centers to commercial buildings, we can do it all.

Explore some of our past projects and feel free to contact us for more information.

Toronto Data Center

Data center project with multiple electrical enclosures and cable bus runs. Our 3D scan ensured precise measurements for support bases and terminating equipment. The result was accurate cable bus runs and level external supports.

Texas Data Center

Cutting-edge data center project with multiple cable bus installations for communication industry. Features largest quick connect panels (5000A) for efficient cable termination. Low voltage cable runs, 3D field scan, and electrical enclosures included.

Satellite Project

This project features a multiple cable bus installation for the telecommunication industry. It encompasses low voltage cable runs, 3D field scan, and electrical enclosures. Outdoor supports ensure maximum reliability.

Product Expansion

Unique power systems upgrade with two incoming feeders supplied to the client. Rooftop installation with an H-support system separates the second run on top, ensuring accessibility and maintaining free-air rating and ventilation.

Grain Mill

Grain mill project with two dedicated runs and wall penetrations. Successfully completed installation for substation upgrade during a tightly scheduled shutdown.

Industrial Facility

Standby cable bus system comprised of nine branches, five splitters, four transition boxes, and rooftop supports. Included OCF for optimal cable bus bending and footprint. Efficiently designed for reliable performance.

Hydropower Project

hydropower project with multiple cable bus installations. Includes medium voltage cable runs, 3D field scans, and versatile supports. Unique combined wall penetration flanges enable tidy, hassle-free installation for a polished appearance.

Solar & Wind Project

Project featuring 15 cable bus systems for transformer and DSTATCOM connections. Streamlined supply for efficient setup and reliable power distribution.

PPE Manufacturing Facility

Two high-current service entrance cable bus systems supported by custom-made green structure. Expedited delivery for crucial PPE manufacturing facility. Field technicians conducted precise on-site 3D scan for accurate installation and level external supports.

Fracking Operation

Provided essential components for three remote pumping stations. Supplied four main feeders, splitter boxes, and 19 branch feeders to support MCC's and VFD's, ensuring efficient operations and reliable performance.

Cogeneration Plant

Implemented efficient underground cable bus system with two runs connecting switchgear and transformers. Streamlined design for reliable power transmission and enhanced performance.

Paper Products

Impressive commercial project with a multiple cable bus installation. Features medium voltage cable runs, 3D field scans, supports, and over 400’ of underground trenches. The design features a single large trench housing two cable bus runs, creating open space between facility and power source.

Scrap Metal Recycling

Cable bus installation for recycling industry featuring medium voltage runs, 3D scan, and robust support structures. On-site 3D scan ensured accurate measurements, precise cable bus runs, and level external supports, guaranteeing top-notch performance.

Standby Power

Supplied seven cable bus systems for standby generator connections, facilitating data center expansion and cable bus enhancement. Ensured reliable power supply and seamless integration for optimized data center performance.

Datacom Facility

Three custom cable bus systems for data center installation, tailored for standby generators, transfer switches, and switchgear connections, ensuring reliable power distribution and seamless operation.

High Rise Building

Swift action in emergency: Replaced 160' riser's bus duct and splitter. Designed and supplied new cable bus system installed within 2-day shutdown for commercial cable bus installation, meeting tight deadlines and ensuring uninterrupted operations.

Shopping Centre

Efficient expansion cable bus system for 950' run between substations in mall expansion project. Streamlined design ensures reliable power transmission, supporting seamless project expansion.

Solar Inverter Houses

Specialized design and supply of 300+ custom cable bus systems for solar projects in Ontario. Connects twin inverters to dual secondary step-up transformers in Solar Inverter Houses, ensuring optimal energy transmission and harnessing solar power efficiently.

University Building

Tailored cable bus project for university expansion: Custom feeder designed and supplied between transformer and new main switchboard. Seamless integration ensures efficient power distribution for the project's needs.

Toronto Hospital

Extensive underground cable bus project with a discreet installation. Concealed from the surface to ensure smooth pedestrian and vehicle flow without disruptions. Meticulously designed for seamless integration and optimal functionality.

Automotive – Service Upgrade

Single cable bus installation with offset fittings for precise wall penetration into the switchgear. Supports provided and securely fastened for reliable performance. Streamlined design for efficient power supply.

Oil & Gas Processing Facility

Multiple cable bus run utilizing existing support structure. Equipment and termination flanges enable smooth connection with transformer and switchgear, entering from the bottom for streamlined installation and optimal performance.

Shopping Concourse

This single run cable bus system with floor and wall penetration flanges for seamless passage through multiple surfaces. Custom parts enable easy interfacing with existing enclosure, ensuring a smooth and efficient setup.

Food Processing Facility

A single run of cable bus system extends underground into a trench and vault supplied by us. It penetrates a wall and connects directly to a tophat at the switchboard. Existing cable tray runs alongside the cable bus.


Pharmaceutical company's cable bus installation: low voltage run, 3D field scan, wall penetration, and supports. Utilized an orientation change fitting (OCF) for easy building access and switchgear connection.

Food Storage

Food storage project with six cable bus runs and Power Bus Way transition boxes. Wall penetrations from transformer to switchboards. Utilized 3D scanning for perfect alignment and smooth switchboard entries.

Utility Services

Entrenched cable bus system with T-Section. Small cable bus runs carry six cables, combining to form twelve, leading to Power Bus Way's vault and switchgear room. Streamlined design for efficient cable management and smooth power transmission.

Food Processing Facility

Food processing facility with two cable bus runs. Notably, one run spans over 450' in length, expertly connecting to a switchboard. Streamlined design for reliable power distribution and seamless operation.

Building Supplier

Single cable bus run using an orientation change fitting (OCF) to penetrate a wall and connect to a switchgear. Our T supports, as shown in images, ensure efficient installation and reliable performance.

Product Supplier

System highlights: In-house built transformer transition box by Power Bus Way. Custom supports. Single run penetrates corrugated wall, connecting directly to the switchboard. Reliable and efficient power distribution.

Minerals and Mining

This project includes a transformer transition box, custom-built in-house, along with two cable bus runs penetrating a wall and connecting to the building's feeders. It ensures efficient power distribution and seamless integration within the system.

IT Data Center

Multi-cable bus installation for the technology industry with medium voltage cable runs. Our 3D scanner enabled optimized route planning, wall entries, and custom support structures. Designed and fabricated 2000A and 5000A tap boxes with bus bars for enhanced performance.