Our products range from cable bus to custom-made support structures.

In addition to these products, we offer cable trays, bus bar extensions, field services, and much more.

Power Bus Way Cable Bus is a fully engineered, certified system (NEC & CE code, CSA standard) of single conductor cables, utilizing free-air ampacities.

We have extensive experience in designing and fabricating electrical enclosures for both low and medium voltage applications that meet or exceed industry standards.

To complement our cable bus, we fabricate all transition boxes, bus bar extensions, supports, and walkways in-house.

Products - Field Services 3D Scan Pointcloud

Field measurements ensure that our design and cable bus installation moves forward quickly, and all measurements are accurate providing solutions in advance to any foreseeable challenges.

Products - Cable Tray

If you’re looking for a cable tray or something custom, we can design and manufacture it. Let us know what you need and there will be a solution provided as soon as possible.

Products - Custom Bus Duct

Our bus duct systems are competitive. We can also produce cable tray to bus duct connections using our electrical enclosures. Let us know how we can help.