Cable Bus Versatility: Smart Fittings

How do you make cable routing easy?

In the realm of diverse projects, a one-size-fits-all approach often falls short in addressing unique challenges and optimizing effectiveness.

Power Bus Way recognizes this variability and provides an array of fittings aimed at simplifying routing complexities, trimming labour expenses, and delivering impeccable connections. All of this is achieved while ensuring an efficient cable bus footprint.

Highlighted within this piece are three pivotal fittings that emphasize our commitment to streamlined installations and enhanced functionality.


This is all about flexibility. It lets you place multiple systems in one enclosure, each ending at different points. Not only does it simplify things, but it also trims down the overall enclosure size when you’re dealing with two interconnected enclosures.

There isn’t the need of two separate cable bus systems running side-by-side or layered on top of each other. Not only does it save costs, but it also reduces the cable bus space needed on site.

Orientation Change Fitting (OCF)

Setting a new standard in efficiency, our OCF eliminates the need for a combination of V90 and H90 bend configurations to achieve a 90-degree rotation (as depicted above). By enabling this rotation directly within the fitting, fewer components and less space are required.

This fitting excels in scenarios where spatial constraints challenge routing options or when equipment terminations necessitate a different orientation. The OCF provides a cost-effective solution to contractors and alleviates routing headaches.

Expansion/Reducer Fitting

Depicted is our dual-purpose fitting. This fitting is designed to provide a practical solution to address varying enclosure sizes effortlessly. With the ability to seamlessly transition between different sizes, it offers a flexible response to your cable management needs.

For applications that demand additional space for cables and equipment termination, this fitting has you covered by ensuring a smooth and efficient installation.