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An Engineering Innovation in Power Distribution Systems
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Power Bus Way – the simplest and most easily installed cable bus
on the market today!
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  Features   Benefits
  Completely Customizable  

Not limited to standard size components or configuration.  Each system is custom designed to suit your customer’s needs and our flexible manufacturing process, the envy of our competitors, produces specialized parts they are incapable of manufacturing.

Mechanical design incorporates tie rod connections that are significantly stronger and more rugged than welded construction. No welding causing weakened metallurgical and strength properties of the material.
  Extremely easy to install  
All components are machined to precise dimensions and bolt easily together using our double key system.

Light weight

A 12 foot (3660mm) section is easily moved and positioned by two men and does not require any expensive heavy moving equipment.
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... A project that should have taken
us 14 weeks, only took 9.

Thank you Power Bus Way!

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