Cable Bus

Typical Cable Bus Applications

Power Bus Way electrical cable bus systems are the best solution for large power connections to transformers, switchgear, generators, motors, motor controls, inverters, existing bus duct systems, and UPS systems.

Power Bus Way cable bus systems are typically used in the following scenarios:

  • Where large amounts of current are required (600A – 8000A), and for voltages from 480V to 28kV.
  • Main incoming feeders and standby generator connections, and connecting switchboards to MCC, UPS, ATS, Tap Boxes, Etc.
  • Connecting turbines to outgoing power equipment for co-generation plants, biomass facilities, and hydro dams.

Why Power Bus Way Cable Bus?

Power Bus Way cable bus systems are the most reliable, cost-effective, and safe feeder systems available. We fully stand by our products and installations from design right through to completion with ongoing support and great customer service.


  • Conductors that are fully insulated from termination to termination
  • Heavy duty and durable construction
  • No bolted bus joints or splices
  • No heaters or blowers required
  • Immune to the cold and other elements
  • Durable 2 hole, long barrel compression lugs
  • Water proof equipment entry flanges and cable connectors for reliable equipment connections

Exceptional Safety

  • Cables are braced and contained in the event of a fault
  • Cable bus can be used intermittently for standby power without the worry of a flashover at startup
  • Firestops and environmental seals included where required

Affordable & Essentially Maintenance Free

  • More affordable than conventional bus duct and armoured cable tray systems
  • Fewer or smaller conductors to install
  • Easier installation means up to 30% savings in labour costs
  • Easily lifted and positioned by two installation personnel
  • Fewer structural supports required
  • Extremely low maintenance requirements
  • Lower operating temperatures = fewer losses
  • No replacement costs