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Battery Storage – Cable Bus System

Power Bus Way is excited to announce our latest innovation – a cable management system that seamlessly integrates distribution transformers and battery energy storage systems.

Our system features a short circuit rating, 18-month product warranty, IP-66 connection flanges, and is 3D designed for installation accuracy.

What sets our cable bus system apart is its ease of installation. Our system is designed to be user-friendly and can be implemented quickly and efficiently, reducing installation and assembly costs. This makes it the perfect solution for contractors and end users to optimize field installations.

Bus Duct Connections – Cable Bus System

Designed to elevate your infrastructure, our reliable solutions are ready to power up your projects. Our bus duct connections are tailor-made to accommodate any bus duct connection flange, ensuring an accurate fit. This means hassle-free integration into your existing infrastructure!

With expertly engineered system layouts, we can meet your project specifications with precision to significantly reduce setup and installation times, perfect for contractors and end-users alike.

Our product features IP-66 connectors for the tap box entrance and can be manufactured to meet up to Type 4X specifications based on your needs.

Straight VS. Centerline Dimensions

Pole-Mounted – Cable Bus System

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